DIY Toddler Toys and Sensory Activity Ideas

Fun and EASY homemade sensory toys ideas for toddlers!

Sensory toys are GREAT for toddlers to help them learn and enhance their natural curiosity. Good news is, these sensory toys are VERY easy to make at home using items you probably already have around your house.

You should see all the DIY busy boards our Pinterest followers have made! Sensory toys are fun and educational – AND they can be very cheap homemade toys as well.

DIY Latch Board Toy

What a cute “busy board” idea!

DIY toddler latch board toy idea

We have a LOT of DIY sensory board ideas on our main site here, but this is one we haven’t seen before – love it!

DIY Sensory Bag Toys

This is a FUN DIY toddler sensory toy idea – sensory bags! Fill em up with body wash, add some glitter or anything else and they’re tons of sensory fun for your toddler or baby (and for YOU!)

DIY toddler sensory toys idea - sensory bag!  Fill em up and they're tons of sensory fun for your toddler or baby.

How to make these sensory bag toys?

You can fill a ziploc bag with body wash or hair gel – add in little toys, alphabet letters, glitter – anything fun like that… and then seal it with packing tape to make it extra secure.

These DIY sensory bag toys are tons of squishy fun!

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DIY Sensory “Discovery” Bottle Toys

Along the same line as the sensory bag toys, these are sensory “discovery” bottles that you can easily make at home from clean, empty water bottles!

DIY toddler sensory toys ideas: sensory discovery bottles made from empyy water bottles.

Baby and toddler sensory bottles can offer endless hours of play & learn. Fill plain plastic bottles with buttons, pompoms, paperclips, washing-up liquid, beads or anything colorful and noisy you find lying around. Add some sparkle and color with a little food coloring and glitter. Make sure to glue the bottle shut for safety.

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