{Tried It!} Homemade Busy Boards Made By Pinterest Users

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Cute and easy DIY toddler busy boards to make at home.  LOVE all these ideas!Just look at these adorable sensory boards Pinterest users have made for their children – so creative!

If you follow us on Pinterest, you probably know we have an entire Pinterest board full of Sensory Board and Busy Board Ideas.

Our favorite thing is when a Pinterest follower chooses the “tried it” option and shares their picture of the busy board they made based off the ideas we’ve shared.

I gotta tell ya – so many folks on Pinterest are SO crafty and creative!

I’m really impressed with the busy boards they’ve made for their toddlers in the pictures below.

While I share where to find the items they added to their child’s busy board, what’s really cool is that you can make these busy boards with random things you have around the house or find at yard sales, etc.

That’s called “upcycling” when you resuse old “junk” items for other projects.

We have a really cool post full of upcycled home decor projects you can try here (and there’s a REALLY cool upcycled busy board on that page too!)

But in those post, we’re going to take a look at the creative busy boards these parents have made for their children, so let’s get started!

(note: we have a big post FULL of busy board ideas here – it’s one of THE most popular posts from the Involvery Community

Let’s take a look at how their DIY busy boards turned out.

Pinterest follower, Kristina Marie, made this busy board for her one-year-old daughter.

Isn’t it adorable?

Tried It!  Look how cute this homemade DIY busy board turned out for this - what a great gift idea for this little girl's first birthday!

Kristina said this about the busy board they made:

“Made mine a little more colorful. Painted the board white and then painted color blocks using painters tape. I knew the paint would get destroyed from toddler use, so I sealed it in with mod podge. For the attachments I used: a push light, latch lock, door stopper, house numbers, bell, door knocker. For the touch/feel materials, I picked up some free samples of carpet/turf from Home Depot. The doors are painted wood flooring samples and I attached hinges and drawer knobs for the handles. Underneath the doors are a mirror and several assorted stickers/shapes. Used stencils to paint her name at the top.”

Here are some things she used on the busy board above:

Great job, Kristina!

Pinterest user, Will, made a really cute busy board for his son:

Super cute DIY busy board! Love how it turned out for this toddler boy!

Will says this:

“Nailed it. Funny side note; the part he plays with the most is the numerals. He just sits there and points to them.”

Yep, Will, you totally nailed it! Great job!

Now this next DIY busy board, is stinkin’ cute!

Pinterest user, Amber, had her husband make this busy board as a first birthday gift for their son.

It’s shaped like Noah’s Ark!

LOVE this DIY sensory board - look how cute it turned out! It looks like Noah's Ark! What a great idea!

I think this last one just might be our favorite – it’s a BUSY busy board with lots of fun things to do – which is a GOOD thing because it’s a busy board for TWINS! Jessica did a great job with it!

Heck, *I* want to play with it!

What an amazing busy board she made for her twins!  Love this DIY sensory board - LOTS of fun things for toddlers to play with

I think it turned out great!

I had a heck of a time finding that toy phone that she added to her busy board, but I didn’t give up.

After a LONG search I found that toy phone on this site here – I just love it!

There sure is a lot to do on that busy board – here are a few things she used:

I LOVE this toy phone she added to her busy board!I LOVE this toy phone she added to her busy board!See ThisShe used a cute xylophone toy like thisShe used a cute xylophone toy like thisSee Thisand a small baking sheet like thisand a small baking sheet like thisSee Thisand then used these magnetic numbersand then used these magnetic numbersSee ThisShe also used a weekly pill bottle like thisShe also used a weekly pill bottle like thisSee ThisThe microfiber mop refills are smart for sensory and COLORThe microfiber mop refills are smart for sensory and COLORSee Thiscolorful zippers are a fun touch toocolorful zippers are a fun touch tooSee Thisand yep, doorbell buttons tooand yep, doorbell buttons tooSee ThisThese small mirrors are also a fun touch that all toddlers loveThese small mirrors are also a fun touch that all toddlers loveSee This


Great job, everyone!

Y’all sure are crafty!

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